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War Gates

Ask a kid in a street and it is rare to find one who has never built a fortress at the backyard. I do not know what is with kids and hide outs. As an adult you will just remember the sense of thrill and excitement when you are inside your own private place.

That childhood feeling came back to me when I was building my own home in an exclusive village. I happen to have a father at the same time contractor to manage the whole construction. When he asked what my privacy fence ideas are for the new house, the adrenaline rush made me feel like a child again building my own club house at the lawn.

Asking Google for any suggestions did nothing good for me. I wanted it to be unique, sexy, adorable and strong. Then I met this man, his name is Arthur, a handsome architecture student. He heard that I love chess so he has drawn me a plan showing two feet high concrete bricks painted in black in white depicting the shades of a chessboard, then he place a wooden checkered board about four feet high and stunning hard posts with hand-painted designs as if it was from a medieval war. At the top of each post stands a single piece from chess, and I was lucky enough to have a total of eight posts around my house to complete the collection.

To stand out, you have to be yourself. I personalized my house as if it was my husband. I wanted to stand out and the whole construction told me that standing out is also like fashion – the best fashion statement is the most comfortable garment. So, no one can pull out the best of you but yourself. Be free. Express yourself.