window well covers

According to the new building laws, it is necessary to make windows with wells or emergency exits so that in case of emergency, rescuers can manage to find a way into the house and the people inside can exit the house swiftly also. To secure and protect the window well and enhance the appearance of the house, window well covers are needed. These covers have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and used in most of the construction projects. Different types of well covers are available in the markets in many designs and materials.

The material that’s commonly used to make these well covers include Plexiglas, polycarbonate and plastic. Strength and stability are the main feature of these well covers and they are durable and lightweight. It is imperative that the window cover’s design should match the overall appearance of the house, so that the house does not lose its aesthetic feature. The well cover also help in keeping the well free from debris.

Different types of well Covers

  1. U-shaped Fire Egress Well Cover
  2. Elongated bubble Well Cover
  3. Plastic Circular Well Cover
  4. Metal Rectangular Well cover
  5. Plastic Reversible Bubble window Cover
  6. Rectangular Low profile well Cover
  7. Metal Semi Round Ultra Protection Well Cover

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