Cantilever umbrella

Your lawn may be in form of a colorful garden or a well-landscaped area where you can relax and chill out in the afternoon to watch the sunset with your favorite lemonade at one hand. It is more important that whatever theme you chose to inspire your lawn, it gives you the comfort you have set the area for.

Landscape ideas may include useful things and ornaments such as cantilever umbrella, wooden furniture, and old tires – yes they can be a good decoration in your lawn – indoor wine bottles and other stuffs you may find unique to add a soul in your lawn. Recycling has always been an in thing so when your neighbors ask what you are up to, you can say you’re trying to save mother earth.

In some movies, I have seen a toilet bowl in the middle of the lawn with a spring fountain on top which can twist the whole design into a whole new dimension of landscaping design. Because of modernization, a lot of people think outside the box to get the unique expression of themselves on little things such as designing their homes. The challenge lies not just for the creative but for everyone.

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