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Corn casserole

The idea of preparing holiday food for the whole family (especially if you have a big one like me) can seem like a daunting task that might leave you feeling overwhelmed with the pressure to put your best foot forward. Although, I successfully handle a team of ten at work, when it comes to cooking for ten in my kitchen, I do get cold feet. This is not a very odd incident at all, I believe. Many of us who are not used to cooking but do understand that people are going to judge you or form a perception of you based on the holiday food you served them on a special occasion which happens only once in a year tend to feel so.

I used to go nuts thinking of all the recipes that I can bring to the table and serve to my guests so as to leave a lasting unique impression. Of course I do the classic dishes but one out of my innovations that is based on the traditional corn casserole recipe seems to have hit home with my family members. I hear resounding compliments from across the table whenever I serve this recipe; yet the best part is that it takes least effort to make.

Quinoa salad

Clearly from the horrifying statistics all over the world, there is a growing need for us to be more conscious about what we are eating. We are so busy either earning a living or enjoying our lives that our health is the cost that we end up paying for such lifestyles. You might have heard all the healthy people tell you this that there are simpler ways of keeping healthy and fit even when you have a lifestyle that basically keeps you on your toes most of the time of the day. There is a lot of help available form the food industry now that we do not have to feel lonely when it comes to keeping healthy.

With a little bit of knowledge of what it that you spending your money on when you are buying stuff to eat, you can take the first step towards a healthy life by buying the right stuff. If you know that while buying salads that are packed to eat and have a short shelf life, then you should know that in vegetarian options, quinoa salad is perhaps the healthiest choice that you can make. Just look for the ingredient quinoa either in writing or look at the salad to see it, if you know how it looks.