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window well covers

According to the new building laws, it is necessary to make windows with wells or emergency exits so that in case of emergency, rescuers can manage to find a way into the house and the people inside can exit the house swiftly also. To secure and protect the window well and enhance the appearance of the house, window well covers are needed. These covers have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and used in most of the construction projects. Different types of well covers are available in the markets in many designs and materials.

The material that’s commonly used to make these well covers include Plexiglas, polycarbonate and plastic. Strength and stability are the main feature of these well covers and they are durable and lightweight. It is imperative that the window cover’s design should match the overall appearance of the house, so that the house does not lose its aesthetic feature. The well cover also help in keeping the well free from debris.

Different types of well Covers

  1. U-shaped Fire Egress Well Cover
  2. Elongated bubble Well Cover
  3. Plastic Circular Well Cover
  4. Metal Rectangular Well cover
  5. Plastic Reversible Bubble window Cover
  6. Rectangular Low profile well Cover
  7. Metal Semi Round Ultra Protection Well Cover

Pallet racks

Art is everything you do just to express yourself at the most effective way you may want it to influence your life. As a model, I have to sacrifice everything that will come in the way and burden my schedule. The lists of the things I have given up are my paint brushes, charcoal pencils and pallet racks.

Modesty aside, I am also a painter, myself. Yet, let’s just be honest that once you are confronted with opportunities, you will take the greener pasture as long as you love what you do. I love both painting and modeling but I only have to choose one. In life, we have to practical for we will never know when time would come when we regret of having nothing to eat because of letting go of a chance to be rich.

Do I have regrets? Of course. But right from the start, I have conditioned myself to think that if I won’t take this opportunity – to have a modeling career- I will regret more than regretting giving up painting.
For some, it is just a surreal thought because you are expected to do better. For us, who are confronted with choices – we call it life.

Cantilever umbrella

Your lawn may be in form of a colorful garden or a well-landscaped area where you can relax and chill out in the afternoon to watch the sunset with your favorite lemonade at one hand. It is more important that whatever theme you chose to inspire your lawn, it gives you the comfort you have set the area for.

Landscape ideas may include useful things and ornaments such as cantilever umbrella, wooden furniture, and old tires – yes they can be a good decoration in your lawn – indoor wine bottles and other stuffs you may find unique to add a soul in your lawn. Recycling has always been an in thing so when your neighbors ask what you are up to, you can say you’re trying to save mother earth.

In some movies, I have seen a toilet bowl in the middle of the lawn with a spring fountain on top which can twist the whole design into a whole new dimension of landscaping design. Because of modernization, a lot of people think outside the box to get the unique expression of themselves on little things such as designing their homes. The challenge lies not just for the creative but for everyone.

War Gates

Ask a kid in a street and it is rare to find one who has never built a fortress at the backyard. I do not know what is with kids and hide outs. As an adult you will just remember the sense of thrill and excitement when you are inside your own private place.

That childhood feeling came back to me when I was building my own home in an exclusive village. I happen to have a father at the same time contractor to manage the whole construction. When he asked what my privacy fence ideas are for the new house, the adrenaline rush made me feel like a child again building my own club house at the lawn.

Asking Google for any suggestions did nothing good for me. I wanted it to be unique, sexy, adorable and strong. Then I met this man, his name is Arthur, a handsome architecture student. He heard that I love chess so he has drawn me a plan showing two feet high concrete bricks painted in black in white depicting the shades of a chessboard, then he place a wooden checkered board about four feet high and stunning hard posts with hand-painted designs as if it was from a medieval war. At the top of each post stands a single piece from chess, and I was lucky enough to have a total of eight posts around my house to complete the collection.

To stand out, you have to be yourself. I personalized my house as if it was my husband. I wanted to stand out and the whole construction told me that standing out is also like fashion – the best fashion statement is the most comfortable garment. So, no one can pull out the best of you but yourself. Be free. Express yourself.