Corn casserole

The idea of preparing holiday food for the whole family (especially if you have a big one like me) can seem like a daunting task that might leave you feeling overwhelmed with the pressure to put your best foot forward. Although, I successfully handle a team of ten at work, when it comes to cooking for ten in my kitchen, I do get cold feet. This is not a very odd incident at all, I believe. Many of us who are not used to cooking but do understand that people are going to judge you or form a perception of you based on the holiday food you served them on a special occasion which happens only once in a year tend to feel so.

I used to go nuts thinking of all the recipes that I can bring to the table and serve to my guests so as to leave a lasting unique impression. Of course I do the classic dishes but one out of my innovations that is based on the traditional corn casserole recipe seems to have hit home with my family members. I hear resounding compliments from across the table whenever I serve this recipe; yet the best part is that it takes least effort to make.

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