Dog ear infection

Is the dust in your home not a bother to you? Well, it might not be but it might be the cause of all the house dust mites which can lead to an ear infection in your dog who will not know any better of the dust. The dusts mites and ticks are often cause of many skin infections in dogs and your poor pet might not be able to get rid of them or prevent himself from catching them unless you are careful. As the pet owner, get information from the vet and other sources to take the best care of your pet.

A dog ear infection can be a painful affair for your pet dog. It can be easily diagnosed as the redness and swelling on the ears and any kind of irritation or change in behaviors of your dog. Your dog might be scratching his ears excessively, causing them to bleed even in the worst cases. For prevention, not only bathe your dog but clean his ears to get rid of earwax regularly. Also, ensure that the surrounding of your pet are clean and dust free so that he does not come in contact with house dust mites which might cause an infection.

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