Family portrait ideas

When I look back and reflect on the past, I often find myself looking over the pictures of myself and my family and friends when I was in school, college, basically from long gone phases of my life. Every time I get to do this, I am thankful for the photographs that I have since they are such beautiful reminders of the good old days and remind me of being hopeful every single day. It is pretty much an unplanned thing that my family did when we used to click all these photographs.

We never thought or discussed about the value that these might carry for us one day in the future. But now that the future is here, I totally understand it and experience it every single day and feel blessed. If I have learnt something from this, it is that although I was lucky to have got this gift without any planning, I plan to give and share this gift with my family too. I have started gathering the family portrait ideas that I can mold around my own lovely and unique family. The whole family is excited to be doing this for the very firt time. I hope you all do this too.

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