Pallet racks

Art is everything you do just to express yourself at the most effective way you may want it to influence your life. As a model, I have to sacrifice everything that will come in the way and burden my schedule. The lists of the things I have given up are my paint brushes, charcoal pencils and pallet racks.

Modesty aside, I am also a painter, myself. Yet, let’s just be honest that once you are confronted with opportunities, you will take the greener pasture as long as you love what you do. I love both painting and modeling but I only have to choose one. In life, we have to practical for we will never know when time would come when we regret of having nothing to eat because of letting go of a chance to be rich.

Do I have regrets? Of course. But right from the start, I have conditioned myself to think that if I won’t take this opportunity – to have a modeling career- I will regret more than regretting giving up painting.
For some, it is just a surreal thought because you are expected to do better. For us, who are confronted with choices – we call it life.

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