When does morning sickness start

Parenthood is one of the most exciting times of our life but before you get to the joy of parenthood, every woman has to take on the challenge of pregnancy. I call it a challenge because pregnancy causes your body to undergo a lot of changes. Such massive changes often bring a lot of questions to your mind and for the first timers it is more so. Though we are all aware, thanks to the television and internet, of many classic symptoms related to pregnancy, the details elude most of us. Early pregnancy is often noticed by soon to be mothers via the classic sign of nausea, sickness and a feeling of queasiness. These symptoms are collectively popularly known as morning sickness.

It is related to early pregnancy so the question that when does morning sickness start is often answered with early weeks of pregnancy. The specific week might differ for different women depending on their health and body. So rather than simply focusing on what others are saying, look at the changes happening in your own body. Take note of the triggers that cause or help you control the feeling of sickness. Your triggers can be very different from other pregnant women.

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